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How to save Phone number on Email and the importance of saving a phone number in your Email inbox (Gmail)

 This week we are going to talk about how to save Phone number on Email and the importance of saving a phone number in your Email inbox (Gmail).

 How To Save Phone Number In Email

 Many people do not bother to save their phone number on their Email in their phones.  But you will also hear them complaining about how if their phone is lost, or stolen, the shiken will lose the numbers of the people they saved in the phone forever.  No matter how important the code is to you, get rid of it.  But the Gmail app only works on older phones, namely Android, iPhone and others.

 Every Android phone has Gmail software in it.  Even the 'play store' is not open until you go to Gmail and register.  If you have the right to register, you will only be charged.  If you have not registered, and you have not opened the Email inbox, then you must open it.  We don't have to explain how to open an Email, the presence of almost everyone.  Some even come to the cafe to open.  But most do not know how to save a phone number on the Email.  Others save it, but if they change the phone, they do not know how to restore their phone numbers on the new phone they changed.

 So how to save a phone number on your Gmail is, if the numbers are on your phone SIM, then go to ‘phone contacts’ that is where your phone numbers are.  If you go in, up there, from the left side, you will see three dots in a row (this is an option).  If you touch it, it will open.  Then below you will see the setting, then touch it.  If you touch it, it will open, then look carefully, you will see the import.  So if you touch this import, it will open, it shows your Email, and phone contacts, Sim 1 and Sim 2. And internal storage and SD card.  At the top you will see ‘copy contacts from’.  If the numbers you want to copy are on Sim 1, then touch the Sim 1.  If they are on Sim 2 or phone, touch it.  You will see a ‘mark’ return on where you touched.

 Then down there you will see Nedt, then touch him.  If you touch it, it will take you to the next level.  It will show you 'copy contacts to' then tap on your Email (Gmail).  If you look down you will see more Nedt.  If you touch the nedt, it will show you all the numbers on your Sim.  Above you will see the selected selected.  If you touch the selected, it will show you ‘select all’ and tap it.  On the select all side you will see OK, then tap it.  Then just wait, the numbers will land on your phone.  When they complete the descent, it will notify you.  It will show you the sign that they have landed.  He will write for you ‘Contacts copied successful’.  (Notification).  If you go back to your phone contacts you will see them.

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 The importance of saving phone numbers over Email (Gmail) is that, even if your phone is lost, or you change the phone, then your contacts are still saved on the email.  The main thing is to not forget your email and password.  Every time you change the phone, you can easily get your numbers back.  To do this, on your phone, you go to this Gmail software, then enter your email and password that you use on that phone.  When prompted, go to settings on the phone.  In the settings, you will see an ‘account’ and tap on it.  If you touch it, it will show you many applications including your email.  Then touch the email.  It will show you things like, your email, Google account and sync account.  Then touch the sync account.  It will open again, then look, you will see contacts, then tap it twice.  That is, you turn it off, you turn it on.  So if you just wait a minute, all the numbers you saved on this email will be back in your phone.  If you go back to your phone contacts you will see them all.

 See you next week on a new topic.

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