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Telegram is better than Whatsapp read the reason


Telegram is one of the popular apps for WhatsApp, Snapchat and others. It is a social networking software that started in 2013 and was developed by some Russians, Nikolai and Pabel Durou and is owned by Russia's largest broadcaster BK.

 Telegram is a privately held company based in Berlin, Germany, and is registered with the English LLP and American LLC.

 First of all how do you download Telegram software on your phone?

 If you want to download it on your phone, you can go to the play store on your phone, then search for Telegram. Then you will see it come out, then download it, that is, download it on your phone. It is registered by phone number. If you register it will show you all the users of the Telegram from the numbers saved on your phone.

Telegram is a simple software used to facilitate communication with relatives and friends, facilitates business dealings with people far and wide, and can send text messages, animations and  stationary (videos and pictures), stickers and files of any kind, even if the size is 1.5 GB, there is the option of end-to-end encryption.

Telegram is similar to the WhatsApp app and is closest to the phone app for sending a message or making a phone call.  The user can link up to two different numbers at the same time and receive a message on each of them by notifying you of the notification number and you can remove all the numbers from the app, too  'Logging out of both accounts is done at the same tim

 You can also change the Telegram unlock number whenever you want and without wasting any time, in addition to that, the user of the app can interac

And if you need to send something you have downloaded through Telegram (sharing) software you can easily send it without giving you a single ‘data’ or a single stream, by sharing it to its inbox.

 Quality picture Telegram software gives a person the option to reduce the weight of a photo or video before posting in a group or private, so as not to lose a lot of data, if you want you can leave it that way, but reduce weight does not mean that the quality of the image will decrease.

 The group capacity of the Telegram lobby has a capacity of at least 200 members, while the capacity is full and the seating capacity of 30,000 at this level is changing from one to more efficient.

 The username can be accessed by the user without the phone number but by the user name.

In addition, the user of the app can interact with people without seeing his phone number, unlike WhatsApp and you have to have a number.

 Telegram software can be used on its own, meaning it can be used after six months without being used. But the software is so simple that it can be extended for up to a year before it can be deleted.

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 One can hide one's ride time to anyone, so that even if you are online you will not be known.


 If we look at each of them and the role it plays in social media and its benefits on social media. We will see that each of them is trying to bring the latest changes and the need for the users to beautify the software to impress the users.

The Telegram and WhatsApp software are very different in terms of the number of users, who in one place have met and in another.  Let’s take Telegram’s example first and some of its features to make it easier to use and beautify the software.

 Cloud storage which allows you to store text, pictures or other important files, and this means that even if you download a phone number and attach a different number then whenever you need to restore your original number you can  bring it back easily without any hassle and then everything you left behind including photo or video you will find they are here they will not be deleted, even the chat you have done with someone is there without thinking  to backup or restore.

 You can download the item whenever you need it and even if the download is lost from your phone, you can go back to the software and download it again, unlike WhatsApp and just send it to someone else.  And if you need to send something to download…

You can also open a channel on it software that will allow you to advertise your business or something similar, because it is a forum that attracts a large number of people, anyone can enter without filling and on advertising many things in it, especially TV channels use the Telegram platform to advertise their programs. You also have the power to prevent anyone from speaking in the group channel by locking the channel's message box so that only those responsible for the hall are allowed to speak, and the other members are only allowed to read.

 You can open the Channel yourself by storing some of your important articles or photos or videos or any other link.

 Many musicians use the Telegram app, by opening their own channel, where they store their songs no matter how many, and then broadcast the channel to their fans, so that their fans can go and download it.

As well as religious scholars, there are many who have opened a channel to download and listen to their teachings.

 Telegram software is used on phones such as Android, iOS, windows phone, windows pc, Mac OSD, Linux and other browsers and other features of WhatsApp such as secret chat, bots, support force , IFTTT integration, instant biew, draft, editing, which If God leads us sometimes we will explain about them.

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